Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage

Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage (IISH) was established on the Sravana Pournami day in August 1999 and registered as a charitable trust (328/99/iv)during the last quarter of 1999. Then onwards IISH has been undertaking the mission of learning and teaching the ultra ancient heritage of Bharath(India) using ultra modern scientific and technological tools.

The ultimate aim of this mission is to make every Indian proud of his heritage.

Our aim is to inform the world about the glorious scientific, rational and logical heritage of India and also inform the world to practice and adopt these message in their life to lead a happy life in the 21st century. IISH is undertaking this mission of taking the message to 100 million people before the 31st December 2010. Hundreds and thousands of mission oriented workers are taking part in this patriotic mission of spreading the message of our motherland. We learn and teach the past glory, present achievements and future aims of Indian in each and every field, taking the inspiration for the past glory of this nation.We inform the world that this heritage of India is the property of Hindus, Muslims and Christians of India and also belongs to all beloved children of this motherland. Thus IISH spreads the scientific, technological, spiritual, sociological, anthropological, managemental messages to the world, in such a way that these messages can be adopted for the modern world.

Learning and teaching the scientific, technological and cultural heritage of Indiawith a scientific, rational and logical , patriotic and nationalistic vision.

Publishing documents like books, audiocassettes, films, CDs, VCDS, DVDs, brochures, pamphlets, periodicals, etc for learning and teaching the heritage.

Conducting international/ national/ regional/ local seminars, study classes, academic level competitions, exhibitions, camps, study tours, etc., for fulfilling the missions of the Institute.

Giving a clear understanding of the superstitions through scientific analyses and taking the mission of eradicating the superstition from the minds of uneducated and educated people.

Giving the substantiated scientific proof on the merits of the Indian acharas (customs) and rituals through the medical research reports including psychological- sociological- anthropological- physiological and spiritual understanding .

Imparting a clear understanding on the duracharas/ anaacharas (superstitions) from the scientific acharas and explaining the merits of sadacharas and demerits of duracharas.

Bringing out the contents, facts, truths and the merits of knowing the Indian literature and giving a correct picture on the literature heritage of our nation.

Undertaking as much service oriented work like serving the poor, old aged, sick, blind, and so on through sevanam samarpanam projects. Building curriculum oriented syllabus adoptaptable for all schools world over .

We would also like to Inform the world that everything was NOT present in ancient India, but MANY things connected with science, technology, integrated life management, psychological knowledge and so on existed in ancient India. Almost all these scientific information also withstood the test of time and still survive in the practical and theoretical life/area of Indians and those who are adopting the Indian way of life.