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Know The Heritage of INDIA

IISH requests you to study scientifically, logically and rationally the heritage of our motherland. Study the customs and rituals, the scientific spirituality, the content of ancient literature and the science and technology, existed in this last for the last many thousand years. Understand the messages of Vedas, the messages and experiences narrated in epics and the messages and stories given in Puranaas of this deva bhoomi. Understand the science of languages, rituals, astronomy and maths of vedangas (siksha, nirukta, vyaakarana, chandassastra, kalpasaastra and Jyothisha) written in this punya bhoomi. Learn the pure science of Upavedas, (athassaathra, Dhanurveda, Gaandharva veda and Ayurveda ) written in this maathrua bhoomi. This pithru bhumi has given the six darsanas which are the visions of our great forefathers, for analyzing and understanding the essence of the world. Listen, watch, discuss and analyze to the extent possible. Do not wait others to come and teach you. You learn and teach others scientifically, logically and rationally. IISH will be with you without expecting any reward and garland.
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